Award-winning singer/songwriter Michael Jacobs creates a compelling musical mixture of roots rock, pop, and folk and we guarantee that you'll love it!

His music addresses such issues as peace, justice, suffering, the environment, relationships, and wholeness. His passion and insights into the "human condition" are obvious. And while the songs are fruits of a well-traveled soul, they do not reflect a jaded one. His music will soothe, encourage, and challenge you. But don't just take our word for it; listen for yourself. Peace...

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"It's time to stress the things we have in common with one another, to show how much we are alike. We might be surprised to find that we are truly all brothers and sisters in this universe, and most important, that we have to maintain that relationship in order to survive."

Bear Heart from "The Wind Is My Mother" copyright 1996 Berkley Books, all rights reserved/used with permission